The longest, most beautiful lashes possible!

Happy 2011 from all of us at Intuition Salon and Spa!

Here is a TIP & TECHNIQUE that I would like to share with you, on how to have the longest, most beautiful lashes possible.

The first step is applying a product called Blinc Long-Lash morning and night.  This will aid in the growth of our lashes.

The next is applying the Blinc Lash Primer,  after the Long Lash and before the Mascara.

Finally, apply the new Young Blood Mascara, which has been re-formulated and it’s amazing how long and thick your lashes will be! (Young Blood Mascara comes in Brown and Black.)


Of course, these items are carried here at Intuition, and the prices are:

Blinc Long-Lash $48  -:-  Blinc Lash Primer $19  -:-  Young Blood Mascara $24

So, this is my personal discovery and I’ve found it to be absolutely amazing for creating long, beautiful lashes.

(If you have any questions please feel free to call 727-443-2927 – any of our amazing staff will be happy to help you.)

Dawn Shannon
Master Hair Stylist
Owner – Intuition Salon and Spa