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Let me start off by saying, I am one of the many people who turned to the wildly popular beauty and hair communities on social media, for my styling solutions. There, I found girls who used the Internet to share tips and product recommendations for kinky, straight, and textured hair.

However, the more I tried to look for products or beauty gurus that talked about organic and chemical-free products the more empty searches I came up with. That’s when I went out into the world and found others like me at Intuition Salon and Spa in St. Pete.  It felt like I was part of a new exclusive club,  and since having my first organic color retouch I’ve been a committed member – and yes, I will admit to canceling my Saturday night plans in order to spend time here getting completely pampered by our organic hair color experts.

Whether you’re just starting your transition to natural and organic hair, I encourage you to take the leap.  Your hair, will thank you for it.

Did you know?

So,  you’ve decided that you want to color your hair?  That’s great!  But you’re not too thrilled about the prospect of dousing your scalp in harsh chemicals?   We understand!

DID YOU KNOW that normal hair dye can damage hair significantly (over time) potentially causing your lovely locks to become dry, coarse, and prone to breakage?    And not only is your hair and scalp being exposed to these chemicals, but your hair stylists and the environment are impacted negatively as well. (And let’s not even talk about the awful smell that must be endured.)

But there is another way, and it’s gentler AND more natural: Organic Hair Color.

Now some salon’s claim to be “organic” and are not … or ARE organic and don’t get the expected results or results that last only a very short time.

Lucky for us,  the Organic Hair Color Experts at Intuition Salon and Spa use only safe, organic, long-lasting products that will leave your hair softer and shinier, and which contain far fewer chemicals than standard dye while still being effective and long-lasting!

And unlike many other salons, Dawn Shannon’s Intuition Salon & Spa (in downtown Clearwater and in St. Petersburg on Central) is not tied with any one specific name brand or line – but are completely independent with Dawn herself constantly researching for the best, and safest, and most effective organic solutions for our clients in her salons and for them to take home as well.

So what do YOU think about organic color?   Have you tried it?  Did it work for you?

Let me know in your comments below!

Why Organic?

When I was young and didn’t know any better,  I’d smother some of the cheapest store-bought hair and skin care products on my scalp and face, never thinking for a split second about what was actually IN them.  Nice packaging? Check!  Great commercial? Check!  Meh – they’re probably good enough.

Growing up during the height of a processed food nation, it would take a rare mind to stop and think, “Hmm … what’s in this stuff?” Should I actually read the label? And even if I do, do I know what these ingredients are, let alone how to pronounce them?  

In other words, I stayed uneducated and oblivious, taking things as they were — until, as an adult, my health became compromised on numerous levels. You name it. I suffered from it.

But once I started learning the real deal about health, I had to overhaul my entire operating basis.  Let’s face it, you can’t just change one or two little habits and think your life will transform.

I was waking up. I was making a conscious effort to take my health seriously. I only had one body, and it would last far longer if I actually took real care of it … so I was ready to take control.  

That meant I needed to make quality and conscious decisions about not only what I was going to eat, who I was going to spend time with, what products I was going to clean my house with, and for gawd’s sake, what I was going to put on my scalp and skin!

Our skin, including the scalp,  is actually the largest organ in the body and absorbs more than 80% of what we put on it!   So if you’re putting toxins on it,  you’re making yourself toxic! Yikes!

So going organic is not just a fad.  It’s not something you subscribe to because you want to appear and look ‘cool.’

Organic means safe, and that’s the bottom line.

I choose to switch to organic, non-GMO hair and skin care – like what is readily (and affordably!) available at the Organic Hair Care Specialist, Intuition Salon and Spa.  You can bet once I was in the know, there was no way anything toxic was going to enter this body of mine!

You can nourish your skin, fight the signs of aging, have fabulously healthy and great looking hair,  and a radiant glow by doing the same. If you’re on the fence, try it for yourself. I know you’ll become a believer too.

Treat yourself to the best hair and skincare out there. You ARE worth every penny. 

You have a choice. Are you going to treat yourself to the most natural, organic skin care out there and do your body right?

So give the I’d love to hear from you, so please leave your comments in the box below.  

Coming soon …

Coming soon to a screen near you!  New Intuition Make Up Tutorials!  The organic hair color experts at Intuition in Clearwater and St. Petersburg are also professional make up artists and we want to show YOU how to “get the look” you’ve always wanted!

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Intuition Professional Make Up Artists

So watch this blog for news and links to the New Intuition Make Up Tutorials!