Answers to 3 Common Questions about Hair

1. What is the best way to grow out hair?

Let your hair flow don’t get a cut every few week wait 2-3 months for every cut. Getting rid of split ends will make the hair thicker and appear longer but wont make a difference in how fast it grows. Also don’t pluck your hair. This will cause scarring which can result in your hair not growing in certain spots or you loosing hair. Let your hair grow out use products that strengthen and repair the hair. This will help in the long run.

2. How can I prevent my color from fading?

Color fades when the hair is damaged. Stay away from box color and bleach. These are the main causes of damage. Also shampoo infrequently this will keep your hair from becoming dry. Stay away from heat tools also these can cause unwanted damage to the hair if used too much.

3. Why is my hair oily at the roots?

People ask why are my roots oily. They might be oily because of frequent shampooing and conditioning at the roots. When you shampoo try to do it infrequently. If you need to shampoo everyday pickup a shampoo at a salon that is for everyday use. Also when you condition avoid applying it to your roots and apply it from the middle to the ends of your hair.

Beautiful hair

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