How to Keep your Skin looking Gorgeous after a Facial!

You got a facial,  awesome!  But what can you do to keep your skin this gorgeous longer afterwards?

We usually advise that women get a facial at least once every three months to keep their skin healthy and beautiful.  Facials remove dead skin cells, clears the skin pores,  scrubs and exfoliates the skin.  A facial is thus very important to maintain the glow of your face. In short, a facial is a process where the skin is steamed, scrubbed and massaged. One of the other benefits of having facial is, it removes blackheads that look ugly on the face.

Before getting a facial, you need to prepare your skin for it. For example, removing makeup, knowing your skin type and any specific skin problems,  etc.
Moreover, you should not go for a facial with styled or freshly washed hair as a facial can make the hair get a bit oily.   So it is best to wash your hair after the facial.  However, after the 90 minutes session with your skin, you need to follow some tips for after care, so here are the skin care tips for you to follow after getting a facial.
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Avoid the Sun:
It is a very important skin care tip to follow after getting a facial. The UV rays of the sun can damage the skin and also leave scars of burned skin.
Drink lots of water: This is another skin care tip that you must follow after a facial. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated and get a glowing skin. This should indeed be a skin care tip that you must regularly follow.

Avoid Makeup: After getting a facial, avoid makeup. It is ideally good to keep makeup minimal after getting a facial. Makeup blocks the skin pores and also damages it. So after the facial, do not apply makeup.

No Sunbed: For the next 28 hours, you should avoid sunbed as it can be harmful for your skin. So, prefer leaving your face as it is. You can wash with water to remove excess oil and dirt from the skin.

Skip Face Wash: For the next 24 hours, you should not wash your face with a face wash. The chemicals in the face wash can be harmful for the skin.  Just use plain water for a day.

Rinse With Water: Make this a habit for proper skin care. Washing your face with water keeps the skin hydrated, supple and clean. You must wash your face with water 3-4 hours after the facial is done.

This will remove excess oil, dirt from the face and also cleans the skin pores. Try these skin care tips after getting a facial. To maintain the glowing and supple skin, drink lots of water and get rid of bad habits like smoking and drinking.

Use Sunscreen.  Protect your skin from UV rays of the sun by wearing a hat and applying sunscreen regularly. It is important you book for a facial once in two months or maximum within three months to keep your skin clean and glowing.

When you come into our Salon in Largo ( our Salons in Clearwater or St. Pete!) to receive a restorative facial, ask your Aesthetician for additional tips and tricks to keep your skin looking fresh and healthy.

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