5 Myths about Your Hair

Here are a few myths that you have been lead to believe: debunked

1. Gray hair is only caused by stress

Everyone says don’t stress out and don’t this or that and you will get grays but there wrong. Stress might accelerate the process but grays are actually caused by your hair dying. When your hair dies it releases melanin which is the pigment in the hair. No pigment means no color. Its not about how much stress your exposed to its mainly focused on your genetics. So when you get grays, blame your parents.

2. Plucking your grays will cause 2 more to grow

This is totally incorrect. The only thing plucking will do to your head is cause scarring. This scarring can cause thinning or patches of hair. So try to avoid plucking altogether this can cause more harm then good.

3. Hair grows faster when it trimmed

In reality the growth of your hair is completely dependent on the follicles or the roots of your hair. This is where the protein keratin is produced to create the growth of hair. Trimming your hair makes it appear thicker and longer. There is a plus to trimming though, trimming will get rid of the split ends and allow the ends of your hair look healthier and feel better.

4. Brushing your hair constantly is healthy for you

The key to brushing your hair is to distribute the oils in your hair. Brushing your hair a lot leads to breakage. This causes your hair to fall out. This can also cause your hair to look frizzy. So instead of brushing all the time brush a few times a day with a wide tooth comb or a brush with soft bristles.

5. Using the same shampoo over and over will cause it to stop working

Shampoo will act the same even if you use it everyday for years. If you use a lot of hot tools or you color your hair often you might want to use a more hydrating shampoo.

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